Dry Carpet Cleaning

Advantages of Dry Carpet Cleaning

When compared to traditional hot water extraction carpet cleaning, low moisture or dry carpet cleaning offers several advantages.

Using recently developed chemical technologies dry carpet cleaning dissolves and encapsulates dirt, grit, sand, allergens and more – leaving the fibers free of residue that can attract future dirt.

This process does not add any additional moisture and is always room temperature, eliminating the risks of over wetting, browning, shrinkage or mildew that can occur with other methods.

Dry Carpet Cleaning
Dry Carpet Cleaning

No Moisture

If water is left to soak into carpet and pad for extended periods it can lead to mildew and mold. This can be an expensive and unpleasant problem. A professional dry carpet cleaner uses specialized machines and cleaning compounds to eliminate these issues.

These specialized machines use recently developed chemical technologies that allow no-moisture or very low moisture cleaning. This process is a great alternative to traditional hot water extraction cleaning which uses large amounts of water. It also requires significant amounts of fuel to operate equipment and then dumps the chemical laced dirty water back into the city’s water supply.

The encapsulation technique utilizes a rotary machine and polymer detergent encapsulators that bind to dirt particles, which are then vacuumed away. This method does not leave a powder residue but some people may be allergic to the polymer detergent encapsulators.

No Residue

Many traditional carpet cleaners leave soapy residue, which attracts dirt over time – making your carpets dirtier faster. Some also use harsh chemicals, which can be harmful to children and pets.

With dry cleaning there is no residue to attract more dirt and your carpets will stay clean longer. The encapsulating powder acts like tiny sponges that trap and encapsulate soiling, so when it is vacuumed up the trapped soiling comes with it.

Fast Drying

Carpet Cleaners Near Me
Carpet Cleaners Near Me

Unlike steam cleaning, which pushes water, detergent and dirt into carpeting, the pad, and the subfloor, dry carpet cleaning uses minimal moisture to activate environmentally safe cleansers. This results in a faster drying process and a carpet that doesn’t need to be replaced.

This method is ideal for natural fibre carpets, such as wool, cotton, sisal and jute. It also works well for carpets that can’t be cleaned with a traditional machine and in commercial applications where water would be inappropriate or impractical.

Using a counter-rotating brush and a special solvent, dry cleaning encapsulates the unwanted dirt, which is then extracted with the vacuum cleaner. Using this technique, you can get your carpets looking and feeling like new in less than an hour. It is a good idea to open windows and use fans during the dry cleaning process as this will help speed up drying. The weather may play a role in this, however; humid or rainy days will slow down drying time.

No Chemicals

For those concerned about the amount of chemicals they have in their home, dry carpet cleaning is the better choice. The chemical technology used in dry cleaning uses safe, biodegradable ingredients that revive and protect colors while also eliminating odors, germs, mites and bacteria.

Other carpet cleaners use harsh solutions that break apart dirt particles and leave a sticky residue. That residue attracts more dirt and makes your carpet appear dirty sooner than it should.

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