Carpet cleaning is an essential part of carpet maintenance. Carpets often trap dirt that can encourage mold and bacteria to thrive. Regular cleaning enhances the overall appearance while removing allergens and bacteria from your carpet.

At Fresh Cleaning Solutions, we specialize in regular or deep carpet cleaning. We guarantee exquisite services using proper products and techniques to ensure your carpet looks as good as new and serves you longer.


The Carpet Cleaning Process


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The best carpet cleaning professionals have extensive experience and can set up equipment in under half an hour. We bring our equipment which includes electrical cables, hoses, stain treatment tools, and steam cleaners.

Once you point us in the right direction, we’ll handle all the hard work so you can take the time to focus on other essential tasks.

  • Cleaning Time


The actual cleaning task takes the shortest time out of the whole service. A professional carpet cleaner takes approximately twenty minutes to clean a twelve by twelve room.
You can estimate the total time it will take by multiplying the number of rooms you need to get cleaned by twenty minutes.

Remember, this time will vary depending on the cleaning method and the carpet’s condition. Carpeted hallways and stairways will also add to the total time. Besides a bit of noise from the cleaning machine, you will be able to continue with other tasks around your house, business, or office.

Factors That Determine How Long Carpet Cleaners Will Take


Every cleaning service takes a different time, so it can be longer or shorter due to various factors such as:

  • The Carpet Condition

Carpets with little dirt are easier to clean because they only require some freshening up. However, removing the accumulated dirt may take more work and longer if it’s been a while since the last deep cleaning.
Most people try removing stains using DIY techniques that often make the stains worse or ruin the carpet’s fabric. Our team starts with pre-treatment using special products before cleaning high-traffic areas or areas with new or old stains.

If the stains are tough, it will take more time and effort to erase them.

  • The Size of the Carpet

Larger carpets take more time because they need more work. Generally, small rooms and hallways take about twenty minutes. You can estimate about ten to fifteen minutes more cleaning time if you have larger offices, living rooms, or generally.

However, if it’s been a while since the last cleaning or the carpet has stains and significant dirt, we may need to run over the same areas a few times. This will also add to the cleaning time, and the carpet may take longer to dry.

  • The Type or Method of Carpet Cleaning

The two main procedures used in carpeting cleaning are; dry cleaning and steam cleaning or hot water extraction.

1. Steam Cleaning

We use hot water extraction to remove spills and soils when steam cleaning your carpet. It works well with most mats, even wool.

We use a machine that shoots hot water at high pressure into the carpet. The machine then extracts the water along with the grime and dirt. We may pre-treat the area before cleaning if you have a bright-colored carpet with some stains. All our products are environmentally safe and non-abrasive to your floors.

2. Dry Cleaning

When dry cleaning, we clean your carpet using powder chemicals and a small amount of water. Our team uses a machine to sprinkle an absorbent compound over the carpet and vacuum the area.

This compound consists of water, solvents, detergents, and an absorbent carrier. We can also use a stain protector after cleaning to protect your carpet from future stains. Before we start any work, our experts will inspect your carpet fabric and material to determine the most appropriate cleaning method.

The actual cleaning for steam and dry cleaning often takes the same time. However, the drying time is about three to six hours for steam cleaning.

  • The Carpet Material

Natural fiber carpets require different treatments and have a longer drying time than synthetic fibers. These carpets are more likely to form stains and have more delicate fibers.
Natural fibers such as wool also require more frequent, thorough cleaning and a strict maintenance routine to extend their life.

  • Additional Solutions Required

Your carpet may require additional cleaning steps, based on the condition. For instance, we may need to pre-spray the carpet or apply a stain protector after cleaning. This can add an extra thirty minutes to the process. These additional steps add more moisture to the carpet, extending the drying time by about two or more hours.


The drying stage takes the most time during the cleaning process. Once we finish our job, we will let you know the estimated drying time based on our used procedures.

Generally, dry cleaning requires little time because we use small amounts of water. The machine extracts about 95% of the water with steam cleaning, but the carpet may be slightly wet.

The drying time will be shorter if the room is well-aerated with a ceiling fan and several windows. If the room has no airflow, you can apply some techniques to help dry the carpet faster. For instance, you can spread some drying fans on the carpet in winter.

How Long Will I Have to Stay Off the Carpets Completely After Cleaning?
In most cases, you can move furniture and walk on the carpet immediately after dry carpet cleaning. By this time, the chemical processes are complete, and no products or water need to dry.

Carpet steam cleaning requires you to wait about three to six hours before walking on the carpet. You may need to wait six hours or more before moving the furniture back, especially with bright carpets.

If there’s warm, dry, or sunny weather, it’s best to open your windows and doors to help with air movement. After cleaning, we will elaborate more about the drying process depending on your carpet.




Give Your Carpet a Fresh New Look


At Fresh Cleaning Solutions, we offer impeccable carpet cleaning services. We have extensive experience working with different carpets, so we know how to get even the most stubborn stains out.

Our technicians will assess your carpet fibers to determine the best cleaning solutions and methods. We’ll pay closer attention to stains and high-traffic areas to remove any accumulated dirt.

Our experts carefully design all processes to ensure we protect your carpets from fading, shrinking, or other damage during the process. Get a free estimate today and experience exquisite services at affordable prices.

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